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Is it a miracle?
Am I Saved from MS?

by Worden B Raub Jr

It was in October of 1981, just a few weeks after my 40th birthday that I noticed the vision in my left eye was cloudy.

As usual I was dieting and figured I had a vitamin deficiency which would clear up once I started eating the right foods. However, after two weeks things were worse.

I made an appointment with my family doctor who referred me to an ophthalmologist. He ran a series of tests and determined I had Optic Neuritis which is an inflammation of the optic nerve. He said this could be from a vitamin deficiency but also mentioned that this could be one of the early symptoms of a disease of the central nervous system called Multiple Sclerosis. But, since I had no other symptoms it was unlikely I had to worry about that.

Fast forward to 1984, I was jogging at our local YMCA every other day for three miles at a time. Over time after jogging about two miles my left foot would drag. Thinking I was having leg or back problems I went to a chiropractor for a series of treatments. It was then that I also noticed a tingling and burning in my left leg and things just didn't seem right. I was getting fatigued very easy, I had pain in my lower left leg, plus things were "just different". I overlooked everything and did the best I could at the time.

Fast forward to1990. We had moved to Springfield, Missouri in 1988 and during my annual physical with a new family doctor I was asked if there was anything bothering me. I explained about the pain that wouldn't go away in my legs, the fatigue, plus a lack of concentration, and the overall feelings of ill-being. After visits with physiatrists, neurologists, psychiatrists, and having numerous x-rays, MRIs, and blood tests, it was determined that I had progressive Multiple Sclerosis. To be certain of this diagnosis I made an appointment with the Mellen Center of the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, one of the country's best MS clinics.

I was examined by the very best doctor they had and he said I had definite progressive Multiple Sclerosis. By 1991, the disease had progressed to the point where I was no longer able to perform my duties of regional sales manager with The Toro Company. In March I was placed on temporary disability. In September it became permanent and I received social security disability on my initial application.

Fast forward to 2001. I was falling frequently and even broke my arm on one of those occasions. My pain was harder to keep under control and my legs were getting noticeably weaker. I had been using an electronic scooter since 1991 to get around in stores and other places where I would have to have been on my feet for extended periods. I could still walk on my feet for about 5 minutes but was prone to numerous falls.

It should be noted when I did fall, it took at least three people to pick me back up. I'm 6'4" tall and weighed 325 pounds at that time. I had no strength to get myself up off of the ground.

Ward in his wheelchair, December 2006

Shortly thereafter I was in the hospital due to severe exhaustion and pain when my physician stated it was time for an electronic wheel chair. I started using the chair full time towards the middle of 2001. I might say my physician is a praying man and has prayed with me on several occasions as well as my family and friends. Since there was no way to stop the progression and having prayed for healing many times I took God for His word and accepted this thorn in my flesh as stated in 2 Corinthians 12:9 "My grace is sufficient for you. My power is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore I will rather glory in my weakness, that the power of Christ may overshadow me".

In August of 2006 my wife and I started attending James River Church in Ozark, Missouri and were deeply impressed with the wonderful preaching and overall spirit fullness of the church. We would come away so alive at the end of each service that we couldn't wait to get to the next. The church has a prayer and anointing time at the beginning of each Sunday morning service and I went forward several times for prayer and healing. I also went to a Wednesday night Holy Spirit Service and was baptized in the Holy Spirit.

I also was in attendance at a healing and prayer service with Pastor Reinhardt Bonnke. I had been prayed for by my pastor and my Adult Bible Fellowship class had prayed for me and lay hands on me asking for healing from pain and weakness. I can't say what was happening in my life, but I felt myself gaining in physical strength. Then my son saw me walking and said "Dad you're walking better, two nights later my wife said the same thing. Could it be that I had prayed for healing and wasn't stepping out in faith to test the waters?

Just a few weeks ago we had what turned out to be the worse ice storm in 20 years. We lost power on Friday evening at 10:00PM and it didn't come back on until Tuesday morning at 5:00AM. To conserve on my wheel chair power I had to try and walk a little more than I was accustomed to. I was walking to the kitchen, back and forth to the bedroom, and all through the home. I did all of this with no additional pain to my back or legs.

Ward with his cane, February 2007

When the power came back on the supreme test happened. My wife had been cleaning our refrigerator, after having to throw away all of our food that was in it. I was up and around and slipped and fell on a wet spot on the kitchen floor and just had to have my wife bring me a chair and I got up all by myself without any other help but from the Lord. It was at this time I was convinced my strength was returning.

The next Sunday I was determined to attend Sunday Services without my wheel chair and have been walking with the assistance of a cane ever since. I am still relying on my chair for labor intensive work like meal preparation etc, but that's it.

I know I am not yet healed from MS but there has been definite improvement in my mobility, in my strength, and in my pain levels. According to the doctors, this just cannot happen because the MS I have been diagnosed with is a progressive disease and the symptoms, in normal circumstances, do not improve. One day I would love for the doctors to give me a clean bill of health and advise me that my MS was gone but, in the meantime, I will just accept the remarkable and dramatic improvement in my symptoms. Even if I never improved further I would still count this as a major miracle because it has given me back a huge chunk of my life I had thought lost forever. For that I will be eternally grateful to the Lord God Almighty.

This first photo above was taken during the 2006 Christmas Season with my granddaughter who wanted to drive my chair. She's a darling. The second photo was taken just today, right before getting ready to leave for Sunday services. On the previous day I attended 2 of my grandchildren's basketball games and went grocery shopping in between the games. I walked all the way around the entire store!

The Lord God is an Awesome God!

Where this will all end up is in His hands. I am convinced this has all happened to glorify our living God.

Worden B Raub Jr
Springfield, Missouri, USA
February 11, 2007

Addendum March 27, 2007

I have had pain associated with Multiple Sclerosis for 27 years. I have tried every pain killer on the market, in fact one time my neurologist informed me if this next regimen of pain killers don't work the only thing left would be an operation. I even have a spinal cord stimulator installed in my back and still had pain all the time.

Well, as of Tuesday March 13, 2007, my pain is gone. I have had no pain since that date. You don't know what it's like to have had pain for 27 years and then all of a sudden one day there is no longer any pain in your body.

I don't know how many times I had said to my wife, "I don't remember what it's like to be without pain. Now I can point to a date and say as of that date I am pain free. There can be only one reason for this healing, and that is constant prayer and going forward to be anointed.

"God be merciful and bless us,
And cause his face to shine upon us,
That Your way may be known on the earth,
Your salvation among all nations."
Psalm 67:1-2

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[Jesus] said to them, "... And these signs will accompany those who believe: ... they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well."
Mark 16:15-18 NIV

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