Do You Believe In Miracles?
(you do when they happen to you!)
by Graham Pockett

At noon on Monday August 3, 1998 I was due to pick up my wife from our pastor’s house where she had been attending a woman’s meeting.

Running a few minutes late, I was hurrying on a timber path (see below) beside the pastor’s house and tripped on a loose board, falling heavily. I am a large person (well, very large!) and I fell awkwardly with my hand partially outstretched but with the little finger still curled into the palm of my hand. I took my entire weight on the side of my left hand and, as I lay there, I knew I had broken my wrist.

Let me explain. I have broken many bones in my body over my lifetime including having had more than six broken arms. My left arm, the one on which I fell, cannot be straightened after it was broken in a motorcycle accident during January 1968. Therefore I cannot ‘lock’ the elbow and, if I fall with my left hand outstretched, the arm ‘collapses’. This is hard to explain to someone who has full use of both arms but the rigidity of the arm as a support depends on being able to ‘lock’ the elbow. If the arm isn’t locked then the muscle alone must take any shock from a fall like this.

In this particular case, the hand wasn’t even outstretched but still curled up, further complicating the effect of the fall.

I lay on the ground, unable to move, as the women from the meeting rushed out to help me. Lying there in shock, one of the ladies started to pray for healing and soon all the ladies were praying. I was praying too, praying that my wrist or hand was not broken because I knew how it would affect my work on the Internet (I receive up to 250 e-mails in a single day – many of which need urgent replies).

My wife retrieved the arm sling we keep in the trunk of the car for emergencies (I was the one with the Senior First Aid certificate, I was the one who was supposed to be helping others!).

“I was able to see that my wrist had an unnatural ‘Z’ shape and my
little finger was protruding from my hand at nearly 90 degrees.”

A chair was produced from within the house and, as the shock finally eased, I was gently helped to the seat. At that time I was able to see that my wrist had an unnatural ‘Z’ shape and my little finger was protruding from my hand at nearly 90 degrees. The prognosis, even from my relatively untrained eye, was not good. Wrists are not supposed to have extra bends in them!

With my left arm gently cradled in the sling I was helped to our car and driven to the Gosford Hospital which is the largest local hospital in the area and the only one with a casualty (ER) section.

Upon entry, a triage nurse examined my wrist and stated, not surprisingly, that I had a radial shaft fracture. This meant that I had snapped both the bones in my forearm – the only logical explanation for the unnatural shape of the wrist. I sat down in the waiting room until a doctor could see me.

After an hour’s wait, a doctor examined my wrist. I had been talking to my wife and hadn’t realized myself until then that the unnatural shape in my wrist had gone! Amazingly, the wrist was now straight and normal.

“Broken wrists do not repair themselves within an hour – not without something miraculous happening!”

This was impossible. It wasn’t just my imagination but many others had seen the Z bend in my wrist – and even the triage nurse had not hesitated in declaring it broken (you don’t need a medical degree to see that a wrist should not be the shape that mine was). But broken wrists do not repair themselves within an hour – not without something miraculous happening!

I guess that something miraculous did happen!

However the doctor had not seen the unnatural shape of the wrist and didn’t even give it a second look. What the doctor saw was my little finger protruding at an unusual angle and, after a short examination and some very painful prodding, declared that there were bones in my hand which were were broken and ordered an X-ray.

I was directed to the radiology department where an X-ray was taken of the hand and wrist. By this time over two and a half hours had elapsed since the accident.

“There was no sign of any break in the hand or wrist!”

The report from the radiologist was amazing because there was no sign of any break in the hand or wrist!

Apart from some swelling in my hand (which necessitated the prompt removal of my wedding ring so it wouldn’t cut off the circulation), by next day my hand exhibited little sign of the trauma of the day before. Even with the swelling, I was still able to continue working on my websites and my extensive e-mail commitments, something that I had prayed about at the time. But soft tissue injuries heal very quickly, unlike major fractures!

I have no doubts that God healed my wrist and hand that Monday afternoon. The wrist had a definite – and unnatural – Z shape and my little finger was protruding from my hand at an angle which would normally be impossible unless it, and/or the hand, was broken.

There could be virtually no way that someone of my weight (120 kilograms – well over 260 pounds) could have fallen so awkwardly, and heavily, onto the side of a curled up hand without sustaining some real damage. That I went into shock at the scene of the accident confirmed the severity of the fall.

I had witnessed unexplained healings happening to other people but, until it happened to me, the impact of those miracles was almost academic. That has since changed! The living God did not stop blessing people with miraculous healings 1900 years ago when Jesus and the Disciples walked on the Earth, and I am a living witness to His great mercy and compassion. Praise His Holy Name!

If you want to know more about this healing God, or you want prayer for healing, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me. You might also want to click on the ‘key’ below. The life you save will be your own!

Graham Pockett

Final comment:

I posted the above information because many people do not believe that God is still in the healing business. Many of the healing miracles reported by other people pertain to cancer and other illnesses which might, or might not, go into unexplained remission. We do not understand enough about cancer and some of these other illnesses to state categorically that God healed – or did not heal – these people.

Sceptics can therefore point fingers and deny the miracle. Likewise, some so-called miracles are mentioned third hand (“I heard it from a guy who’s wife’s second cousin said he saw it on TV!”) and lack details which can be confirmed.

The reason why I publicised my healing miracle is that it was an obvious physical injury (injuries like I had should not be misdiagnosed), it was witnessed by a number of people including a triage nurse, and I was able to give all the relevant information – where it happened, when it happened, and the name of the hospital I attended. These facts can be checked.

Graham Pockett

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“Why Didn’t God Answer My Prayer For A Miracle?”
(my e-mail answer to a person who had been praying unsuccessfully for a miracle for 10 years)

Some comments about addictions

I am often asked to pray for people to beat addictions – from hard drugs like heroin, crack or meth, from "soft" drugs like cigarettes or alcohol, from pornography, even from illegal sexual activities like child molestation or rape. This may answer some of your questions before you ask them:

From my experience, God just won't take an addiction away, but He will help you fight it. However, the first step must be yours.

If you are serious about beating the addiction then you must take positive steps to keep away from sources of temptation. You must train your mind that this addiction is wrong and that you will not submit to it (this applies to ALL addictions – a physical addiction like drugs, or a mental addiction like porn).

You must constantly seek His help to fight it (specially when tempted).

It is often a long, gradual process but the secret is perseverance. Hour by hour, day by day, week by week, month by month – it gets easier to beat the longer you resist it.

However, you must always consider that you are addicted to that vice and therefore you must refrain from it for the rest of your life. If you truly suffer from an addiction then you can never, ever, consider that you are 100% free of it.

Ask the people who gave up cigarettes, were off them for months, even years, but took one cigarette and were quickly back to where they were before. People addicted to alcohol are likewise "alcoholics for life", even if they stay away from it for 50 years!

Addiction might be for life, but that does not mean that it has to control you.

With God's help, and a positive attitude, you can beat any addiction!

If you haven’t yet accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior,
or you have drifted away from Him, commit yourself NOW!

Who is Jesus?

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