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UCB (United Christian Broadcasters) – Christian radio, TV, prayerline and The Word for Today

UK Apologetics – a huge resource of countercult and Christian apologetics

Uit De Hemel (From The Sky) – thematic Bible studies on Christ’s royal position and his bride (in Dutch)

Ultimate Christian Resources (Chritech) – a resource site focused only on Christian websites and services

Unchained Ministries – from Holsworthy, NSW, Australia, a Christian outreach ministry promoting Jesus Christ through music, prison ministry, Church in the Park events, and evangelism

Uncompromising Word of God Ministries – a ministry geared toward winning souls for Jesus Christ by focussing on helping individuals know the plan of God and fulfill the purpose He has designed for their lives

Understanding the Lord’s Supper – an examination of the bread and the cup of the Lord’s Supper

Unified Ministries for Christ, International – based in Mesquite, Texas, USA, a ministry devoted to spreading the gospel around the world and informing individual's about the blessings that flow through a relationship with Jesus Christ

United For Christ Church – from Durham, North Carolina, USA, a non-denominational, Full Gospel church whose mission is to minister to the “whole man” the Gospel of Christ

Uniting Church, Queensland, Australia – good information and links

Unity Christ Evangelical Ministry – from Okeigbo, Ondo State, Nigeria, West Africa, an evangelistic, church-planting Pentecostal mission organization

Unity In Christ – designed to nourish pastors and congregations with quality expository Bible studies, topical studies on evangelism, prayer, Christian growth and church history

Unity in Prayer – a plea for the body of Christ tp pray one for another, and that the walls of denominations be of no effect for those that of us that seek God in Spirit and Truth

Unlimited Glory Ministries – this site contains numerous complete on-line books and articles dealing with both basic and detailed Bible studies, apologetics, cults, evolution and youth activities

Upon This Rock! – telling men of their need to be born again, and discipling the flock through prophecy, theology, discernment and Bible study

Upward Call Evangelistic Ministries – dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus through music

U-R-2-Become the Word – a Christian end times site where all text, pictures, boxes, words-in titles, etc link to other Christian sites

Urban Christianz Ministries – articles, advice and news about contemporary Christian topics with urban appeal

USA Churches – locate Christian churches in the USA with this directory

U-turn Online – a quarterly non-profit publication which addresses theological, political, economic and social issues from a Biblical perspective

Valleyview Church, Englewood, Ohio, USA – demonstrating the Kingdom of God, saving the lost, and nurturing the saved; by proclaiming the words and doing the works of Christ Jesus

Vandalia Christian Tabernacle – from Vandalia, Ohio, USA, with Pastor Todd Hoskins, a five fold ministry, full Gospel, and non-denominational, obeying God, the Holy Ghost, and spreading the Gospel

Vessels of Praise Ministries – from Trenton, New Jersey, USA, a non-profit outreach ministry dedicated to inspiring others to express themselves in creative worship utilizing drama, dance, pantomime, and song

Vickie Lambdin’s Poetry – inspirational Christian poetry, designed to uplift the Lord

Victorious Faith Ministries – from Algoma, Wisconsin, USA, a growing, independent, non-denominational church

Victory Baptist Church – a series of interesting articles and debates which should challenge most readers

Victory Christian Fellowship – from Kyong Ki Do, Songtan, Republic of Korea, a Christian interdenominational multicultural church family

Victory Full Gospel Christian Center – from Ocean Springs, Mississippi, USA, a Holy Ghost filled, Christian church, dedicated to spreading the word of the only living God and Jesus Christ

Victory Herald – the promotion and encouragement of article submissions: humor; fillers; fiction; nonfiction; crafts; recipes; devotions; personal experiences; poetry; spotlight features; etc

Victory International Ministries Inc – from Port-Harcourt, Nigeria, Africa, an outreach and church planting ministry with a mandate to take the word of victory to the nations and let the oppressed and down-trodden go free

Victory Outreach Church of Anaheim – from Anaheim California, USA, a church dedicated to reaching the inner city, with a vision for the outcast, men's and women's recovery homes, and small groups

Victory Temple Church of God –from Monroe, Michigan, USA, a welcoming Pentecostal church providing spiritual, uplifting worship and Bible based preaching

Victory Thru The Word Ministries – the teaching and writing Ministry of Troy J. Edwards, with free Bible teaching articles and downloadable books

View Acres Baptist Church – from Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, a small church next to a big city

Vikashars House of Melodies – a site to spiritually refresh

Violent Faith Ministries – the ministry of Marc & Patricia May from Durham, North Carolina, USA, serving as a training ground for apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, bishops, intercessors, and warriors across the world

Virgo of the Revelation of the last Times – the apparitions of the Madonna, revealed to a charismatic of the last times to prepare the humanity to the millennial kingdom of peace on the Earth (Catholic site in Italian) – a resources and Web evangelism site reaching out primarily to people in the UK, and supported by The London Gospel Initiative

Virtual Christian Center – site includes Bible study tools, Scripture cards, Prayer requests, articles on Christian living and salvation

Virtual Holy Land Tour: The Biblelands Project – visit the Holy Land without leaving your chair, a virtual tour of the people, places, things, topics and timeline of the Bible featuring unique 360 degree interactive pictures

Virtuous Living – from Detroit, Michigan, USA, the site of Christian writer/author & lecturer, Jackie Moore, whose mission as a woman of faith is to help empower women and help them on their journey to spiritual healing

Visionary Advancement Strategies – offering daily e-mail teachings, featuring articles from some of the most anointed teachers in the world, going out to over 90 countries

Visual Word Mime Team – based in Dexter, Kansas, USA, a group of youth dedicated to praising God through the performance of mime to contemporary Christian music

Voice of One – inspirational and scriptural

Voice of the Martyrs (Canada) – each year 350,000 Christians die for their faith, discover the faith and courage of today’s Christian martyrs around the world, and how you can stand together with them

Voices of Christ Prophetic Poetry Team – an evangelistic ministry that ministers the word of God dramatically through urban & traditional poetry, and the spoken word

Voices Of Victory/Phyllis Evans Ministries – dedicated to teaching God’s Biblical principles on prayer, praise, healing and victorious living, with prophetic insights on today’s happenings

Voice With Vision – messages that conveys what the Spirit of God is saying to the Body of Christ these last days. Messages that will help the Body of Christ come closer to the Lord

Wadsworth First Church of the Nazarene – from Wadsworth, Ohio, USA, where there’s always “room for more”

Walk By Faith Internet Ministry – a teaching ministry, come and search through these articles and be blessed

Walking Barefoot Ministries – from Seffner, Florida, USA, a preaching, teaching, worship, healing and revival ministry

Walk This Way – a free “extreme discipleship” web-zine offering resources and encouragement to those who counted the cost of Christian discipleship and have responded positively

Walk Thru the Bible – “God’s people flourish when they study His Word!”

Walk With Christ Gospel Radio – 24/7 Gospel Internet radio glorifying Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour

Wantirna Christian Community Church – from Wantirna South, Victoria, Australia, whose vision is to be a community constantly growing closer to God and impacting people’s lives by sharing Jesus Christ

WARNING! – an expose of Freemasonry, the truth about and history of the Roman Catholic Church, a disclosure of the New World Order plans, plus how to prepare for Christ’s second coming (based off information by Barry Smith from his book of the same name)

Watchman Fellowship’s Index of Cults and Religions – brief definitions, descriptions or cross references on over 1,200 religious organizations and beliefs, includes world religions (including Christianity) and related doctrines

WayBreaker – from Roeland Park, Kansas, USA, accepting prayer requests 24/7

Wayne Drain Homepage – Wayne is a preacher, prophet, and gifted musician who travels all over the world introducing people to the Lord through his ministry, music and prophetic words

Wayne Jolley Ministries – from Ringgold, Georgia, USA, a ministry focused on changing the lives of people around the world through evangelism, singing, and teaching

Way of Christ – by Dr. James Stone, defining the grace of God in Christian discipleship for the salvation of man through the love of God in Jesus Christ

Ways of Christ – Jesus Christ’s traces in human consciousness and in the changes of mankind and earth: an independent Info-Page, with new viewpoints from many fields of investigation and experience (in English and German)

We Are What We Eat – part of Graham Pockett’s “Christian Concepts” series of short articles

Weatherford Presbyterian Church – from Weatherford, Texas, USA, a Christ-centered church with glorifying worship and biblical preaching

Web Evangelism – excellent commonsense site which tells you how to evangelize on the Internet; top marks!

Web Ministry – an open comment moderated Website, with Bus Ministry, prayer request & parables (site requires Internet Explorer)

Websites for Charities – free Christian web hosting and web site maintenance for small churches

Webzine for the Christian Woman – women’s e-zine for reflecting upon God’s word and His awesome glory; source for spiritual health and wellness, Christian advice, Bible study, and more

We Don't See The Clean, Just The Dirt – judgement and forgiveness, a thought-provoking look at how we see others, by ACL’s Graham Pockett

Wellington Christian Church – located in Lexington, Kentucky, USA, a non-denominational, purpose-driven church that is Bible-based and Christ-centered

Wellspring Ministries Churches & Missions, Inc. – a complete overview of Wellspring Ministries and its branches including missions and testimonies

We Need To Start Somewhere – sharing the secret to true revival revealed through the free on-line book, “We Need To Start Somewhere” by Yolanda Ballard, and sharing the prophetic writing of “At The Father’s Feet” ministry

Wesley Memorial United Methodist – from Columbia, South Carolina, USA, a Holy Spirit filled church preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ

We Spread The Word – an all-in-one Christian community with search, chat, message boards, and more

West Africa Advanced School of Theology – from Lomé, Togo, West Africa, training African pastors, evangelists, and missionaries at the college level (an Assemblies of God project)

West Angeles Church of God in Christ – from Los Angeles, California, USA, this 1700-strong church has live Internet broadcasts of its Sunday services (PST USA time)

Weymouth Baptist Church – from Weymouth, Dorset, UK, known as “The Church on the Wey”

WGHATAP Ministries – (With God’s Help All Things Are Possible) reaching people who need help in their daily lives, and leading others to Jesus Christ

What Comes After the Passion of the Christ? – an unofficial site for the movie, "The Passion of the Christ", offering Flash presentations for new and potential Christians who have seen the Mel Gibson movie

What do I do with this man now that I've got him? – Georgina Beaton speaks from the heart when talking about marital relationships, and offers excellent advise to all newly married couples (MP3 audio)

What is Christianity? – a person’s eternal fate hangs on their true understanding of Christianity

What Time It Is: Coming Events In Bible Prophecy – (Walter J. Taylor Ministries) devoted to the study of the order of prophetic events until the second coming of Jesus to reign on Earth

When We Are Saved – part of Graham Pockett’s “Christian Concepts” series of short articles

White River Baptist Church – from Greenwood, Indiana, USA, whose purpose is to glorify God, to proclaim the gospel message, and to bring all true believers to maturity in Jesus Christ

Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle, Belfast, Northern Ireland – “In this church ex-terrorists, police and prison officers who have come to know the Lord worship side by side united in their love of the Lord Jesus.”

Whitewell Youth Fellowship – the Youth Fellowship of the Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle, Belfast (see above)

Whitford Church – from Perth, Western Australia, presenting a balanced church that will meet the needs of all who attend and where we all grow closer in relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ

Who I Am In Christ – freeware & shareware Christian software; try it!

Who Is Jesus? – an excellent look at Jesus Christ, mainly designed for non-Christians and new Christians

Who is my Neighbor? – featuring “The Parable of the Good Musim” and “The Parable of the Good American”, a thought-provoking look at just who are our neighbors, by ACL’s Graham Pockett

Who Killed Jesus Christ? – answering this age old question (with reference to Mel Gibson’s movie “The Passion of the Christ”)

whychristmas?com – answers Christmas questions; information includes Christmas customs, how Christmas is celebrated around the world, and why Christmas exists

Why I Do Not Believe the King James Translation Is the Best Version Available Today – a sensible look at an emotive subject, by Daniel B Wallace PhD (Professor of New Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary)

Why I Quote The NIV Bible – ACL’s Graham Pockett explains why he prefers to use the NIV Bible rather than the ‘tried and true’ KJV

Why So Many Bible Translations? – by Rev Dale A Robbins, D.Min, “despite the sacred tradition that many revere of the KJV, it is merely a translation of the inspired Word of God, not the initial source”

WICWiki – a Christian "wiki" or on-line information source, similar to an encyclopedia but with articles by anonymous authors

†Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up? – what did Jesus really look like? by ACL’s Graham Pockett

Wings As Eagles Ministries – a Christian marriage and deliverance ministry

Wings Like Eagles Online Christian Ministry – dedicated to God and all God’s people who shall someday mount up with wings like eagles

Winston Salem Church of God of Prophecy – from Winston Salem North Carolina, USA, the official homepage

Within Are You – to glorify the Lord, and to inspire and encourage through words and photographs

Witness Freedom Ministries – a leading evangelistic outreach to homosexual men and women of color as well as a resource for leaders who have a heart to reach strugglers – testimonies to what the living God is doing in the lives of people

World Christian Ministries Association – a Christian charitable organization where donors and volunteers join to eradicate hunger and poverty among fellow Christians around the world (nb: I could not find any indication that this is a registered charity. ACL Editor)

World of Prophecy – where King James tells of the coming King

Women of Power Ministries – from Surrey, England, UK, assisting and encouraging women ministers, and dealing with other women issues

Woman to Woman Ministry – Internet Christian outreach ministry from a woman to Christian, non-Christian, religious or non-religious women everywhere with positive and edifying comments about God’s Will for each one of us

Women Being Their Best for God – a weekly ezine for Christian women, containing articles, Bible verses, activities, questions for reflection, and more

Women With A Purpose – letting women know that, regardless the situation, problem, or circumstance, the answer is in the Word of God

Wonderful One – a dedication to Jesus Christ

Wood World Missions – helping to meet the needs of humanity worldwide, Evangelism, preaching the Word of God worldwide

WORD4LIFE – teaching the basics of Jesus, His life, His miracles, His teaching, His death, His resurrection, and the salvation He offers to all; with links to online Bibles, music and sermons

Word and Song Ministries – Jimmie McKnight’s evangelistic ministry supporting the entire body of Christ through the melodic and spoken word

Word For Life Ministries – full-length Christian sermons in MP3 format, missionary helps, stories, poetry, and many other resources (sermons are also available on free CD mailed anywhere free of charge)

WordLinks Bible Surfer – a cross-platform study Bible using any JavaScript-enhanced Web browser, includes the KJV Bible plus BDB-Thayer’s Lexicons & Naves Topical Bible, many add-on modules, and more (9.28MB download for the basic module)

Word For The Week – from Ps Ron Clark in Tasmania, Australia

Word of Faith Ministries International – from Miami, Florida, USA, a non-denominational, Spirit-filled teaching ministry with emphasis on walking in the power of the Holy Spirit and the Word

Word of God International Ministries – Bible studies and sermons for spiritual growth

Word Of Life Christian Center – from Honolulu, USA, Pastors Art & Kuna Sepulveda are “reaching people, touching lives”; an excellent website from this 5,000-member church

Word of Truth Radio (WOTR) – an Internet radio station (based in Daggett, Michigan, USA) that specializes in peaceful and relaxing Christian music

Words for Courageous Living – Dr Neal Carlson believes that in a world of discouragement, one needs words of encouragement

Words Of Life And Hope – Christian poetry of love, hope, encouragement, peace, faith, prayer, praise and worship

Words of Life Ministries – dedicated to preaching the good news of Jesus Christ

WordSong Ministries – offering large portions of Bible text sung verse by verse, chapter by chapter, all through inspiring cinematic music in MP3 format

World Bible Society – an evangelistic teaching and biblical research ministry dedicated to placing the treasure of God’s Word into the hands of people around the world

World Changers Church International – from College Park, Georgia, USA, the international ministry of Dr Creflo Dollar

World Christian Ministries – from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, a church where everyone is accepted

World Missionary Press – producing 48-page topical Scripture booklets in over 300 languages, Bible studies and New Testament for free worldwide distribution

World Wide Deliverance Ministries Inc – from Alachua, Florida, USA, the ministry of Apostle Isaac Miles, a prophetic voice for this age

World Vision Enterprise – a comprehensive study of Biblical prophecies for our present day and those of coming end-times as foretold in the books of Daniel and Revelation

Worshipland – offering Christian worship music, lyrics, chords and more

Worthy News – a Christian news magazine which updates news daily from around the world

WRBS Radio – a Christian radio site that offers more Bible study, Christian news, family resources, links, etc

Written in Faith – showcases the spiritual writings of Gerianne B Van Vugt

Wrong Bible dot com – a KJV-only site highlighting the “thousands of changes” made to modern Bibles (ACL does not support the claims made by this site) – (We Spread The Word) spreading the Word through Christian and Messianic Jewish music

Xrysostom (The Golden Mouth) – a cosmic collision of Lutheran theology, humor, music, art, literature, history, computing, conversation, education, and friendship from the mind of Pastor Snyder Ezine – a non-denominational group using cutting edge real life dramas, Scripture, skits, mime, and dance, to prompt the audience to think about God’s ultimate plan for their own life

Ye Must Be Born Again – “Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God”

Yeshua’s Truth – dedicated to bringing those lost in cultic darkness into the glorious light of Jesus Christ

Yeshuawater – news, information, tools, and resources for Bible Truth seekers

Your Study Bible Online – study Bible resources for living in God’s covenant, celebrating God’s feasts, and growing to maturity in the Kingdom of God

Youth For Christ – a worldwide movement geared to reaching this generation with the great news of Jesus Christ

Youth Of The Nation – a hardcore Christian site for all ages, young and old

Youth Specialities – youth ministry resources and training; includes information from Youthworker journal

Youth With A Mission: Reef to Outback – from Australia, training schools for discipleship, leadership and evangelism targeted for 18-35 year olds

Youth With A Mission, New Zealand – committed to using relevant and effective ways to present the gospel to touch the lives of children, youth and families

Zion Hill Baptist Church – from Englewood, Tennessee, USA, a Southern Baptist church dedicated to the furthering of God’s kingdom through fellowship

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