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Tapestry N Velvet – the weavings of the Master’s hand in our lives as we journey through this life

Team Work Associates – situated in Montego Bay, Jamaica, the ministry of Team Work Associates includes a school, a conference and retreat centre as well as a church

Tears in a Bottle Collection – a selection of Christian poetry by award winning poet, Caryl Ramsdale

TechMission – featuring Christian freeware & free church software, plus a downloadable CD in ISO format

Teenage Christian Ninja Monkeys (TCNM) – a weekly on-line Christian comic following the adventures of Mathew, Mark, Luke and John (aka the Teenage Christian Ninja Monkeys) who are spreading God’s word one comic at a time

Tennis Ambassadors Christian Ministry – an international movement of Christians from many denominations dedicated to presenting Jesus personally to this generation through tennis

Teen Mania Ministries – committed to sparking a revolution in global youth culture by inspiring a generation of young leaders to develop a bedrock of Christ-like character, a vibrant relationship with God, and a commitment to reach the world with the love of Christ

Temple Builders Ministry – prophetic ministries for the maturing of the saints

Tentmaker Ministries – hundreds of free articles and books for maturing Christians

Tesla Coils 4 Christ – an evangelistic ministry that uses high voltage electricity demonstrations to share the good news of Jesus Christ

Testimony Share – read and share Biblical and modern testimonies about salvation, deliverance, martyrdom and other Christian topics

Texas Bob’s World – a family friendly Christian Website

The Alive Gathering Ministries – from Springfield, Virginia, USA, a spirit-filled, pentecostal church where gifts of the spirit are evident and God works in miraculous ways

The Amazing Truth – a personal testimony to God’s healing power today through faith in the name of Jesus

The American Gospel Music Directory – a great site for US Gospel music resources

The Antichrist Revealed – a view about who is the antichrist (for mature Christians only)

The Apologetic Research Center – an evangelistic organization specializing in Christian education, apologetics, and counter-cult preparedness

The Apostolic Faith Ministry – deals with Biblical advice and counsel for life skills, recovery, abuse, relationships, child rearing, etc

The Banner of Christ (Christbanniere) – for Bible teaching and assisting people (this site is in French)

The Baptist Confession of Faith – an on-line publication of the 1689 London Baptist Confession (with Scripture proofs)

†The Baptist Page – a site for Christians from a Baptist point of view, where our goal is provide information and entertainment for all Christians

The Bible and Life – a Bible Study group that focuses on Christ

The Bible is an "iffy" book – a look at some of the conditional promises in the Bible; by ACL’s Graham Pockett

The Bible Knowledge Accelerator – various Bible freeware (though donation requested) teaching programs in Windows ‘Help’ format

The Biblelands Project™ – experience the Holy Land without leaving your chair; includes 360 degree interactive pictures

The Bridge To Everlasting Life – a general overview of salvation basics, and Christian resource links

The Cavern Of Life – part of Graham Pockett’s “Christian Concepts” series of short articles

The Christian Connection – an on-line ministry dedicated and devoted to spreading & sharing the infallible Word of God in cyber space, believing that God desires that we get wisdom concerning His word

The Christian Court – resolving disputes Biblically among professing believers to God’s glory, through all Christ Jesus taught, empowered by God’s Holy Spirit

The Christian Herald – re-discovering and diseminating the original faith as it was delivered to, and practised, by the early New Testament churches

The Christian Internet Church & Ministry – Rev. Mark C. Smith Th.D., D.D., shares the gospel of the Bible

The Christianity Guide – a ressource for Christian culture, history, denominations and the Bible

The Christian Jew Foundation – preaching, teaching and witnessing to and about Messianic Jews; great information and resources

The Christian Newsletter – read online or sign up for the email version for clean jokes and thoughts about God

The Christian Online Magazine – a monthly on-line magazine with a good selection of Christian articles, jokes, etc

The Christian Perspective – an on-line periodical taking today’s issues and examining them from a Biblical viewpoint

The Christian Post – providing extensive Christian news coverage from around the world, including the latest news from all accepted denominations

The Christian Reporter & CRNews – Australian and international Christian news updated every few days

The Church at Gun Hill – from Bowers Gifford, Pitsea, Basildon, Essex, England, a small, friendly, church with Jesus at its centre and the Gospel message and sound Biblical teaching at its heart

The Church of God in Divine Order – carrying on the vision of A. J. & Homer Tomlinson, believing in the operation of the Gifts of the Spirit by the power of the Holy Ghost through a 5 fold ministry of believers

The Church of Grace and Peace – from Toms River, New Jersey, USA, where everybody is somebody and Jesus is Lord, building the people who will shape the world

The Church Ministries – from Hilo, Hawaii, USA, the Bible Truth Christian Church that believes in the Bible the Word, the Word of Truth

The Church of Light – a non-denominational Christian outreach

The Church of the Love of Christ – reviews subject matters necessary for the practice and ministry of a biblically based Christianity within the non-institutional/emergent/house/home church movement

The Church : The Word – a weekly Bible study for Christians and non-Christians who have the desire to know about Jesus Christ

The Claims of the Latin Vulgate-only View – in the 16th Century, Catholics defended their use of the Latin Vulgate Bible and fought to prevent an English translation of this ancient text

The Coast Community Church – from the Central Coast (Kincumber & Hardy's Bay), NSW, Australia, includes a K-6 Christian school at Bensville, home groups, Alpha course, and more

The Counseling Center – get your ‘thinking’ right on the problem you are facing with sound, Biblical advice at no charge; topics are both easy to read and quick to download

The Cracked Door – an online ministry with regularly updated columns, audio clips and lively discussion forums

The Creation – visual effects on important Biblical events (in Afrikaans & English)

The Creationism & the Early Church Home Page – dedicated to the study of the early church interpretation of Genesis 1-11 from the close of the New Testament up until the death of Augustine of Hippo

The Crimson Thread – poems & narratives extracted from the forthcoming book of the same name by Jerry D Babb

The Cross For The World Search Engine – a Christian directory with search engine; plus daily scripture and prayer requests

The Debate – stimulating genuine debate between Christians and Muslims on a wide range of topics; from the Hyde Park Christian Fellowship, an informal network of Christian researchers in the UK, whose primary interest is the academic study of all issues relevant to Islam and Christianity

The Depressed Christian Help Guide – a free online depression booklet for Christians suffering hardship and who need direct, immediate spiritual & practical help

†The Determinability Of God’s Existence – this article examines the many rational arguments for and against the existence of God

The Dubai City Church – from Dubai (offices in Miami, Florida, USA), a strong Bible based, Spirit filled ministry, committed to equipping believers of all ages to function as part of the body of Christ

The Dwelling Place – in east-central Mississippi, USA, a Catholic house of hospitality and prayer offered in the spirit of St Francis for all Christians who seek peace, joy, and healing through God’s loving presence

The Endtime Pilgrim – a selection of devotional/exhortational/prophetic articles from the scriptures revealing our crucial and glorious role in the endtime drama

The Evangelical Christian Church in Canada – revolutionizing the church of Jesus Christ through Christian unity while reshaping the religious landscape of Canada

The Faith Reformer – a free monthly newsletter on hidden truth and Bible reform

The Family – from Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA, the youth group of the Destiny Christian Center

The Final Deception – an online novel written in the hope that more people will seek the Lord and not be deceived in the end times

The Full Gospel Church of Philadelphia: Bahrain – the word ‘Philadelphia’ is derived from two Greek words forming the phrase ‘brotherly love’ and that love within this church extends across all nationalities and tongues

The Gospel Defense League – an interactive community forum dedicated to defending and upholding the gospel of Jesus Christ

“The Gospel Faith Messenger” Ministry – an international ministry committed to equipping people for prophetic leadership through literature and equipping schools

The Gospel Way – an online Bible lesson guide, with free Bible studies and guides about the gospel of Jesus Christ, Scripture, and more

The Grace Place – a visit to Noah’s Ark, for all ages

The G-Site – helping a person to live a Christian life with Scriptures, articles, a Bible, and more

The Hall of Church History – “Theology From A Bunch of Dead Guys”; from ‘The Church Fathers’ to ‘The Recent Stalwarts’ this a superb collection of historical Christian resources

The Haiti Mission – telling the remarkable story of Dr Dorcas Leroy, a missionary who founded a clinic for the poor of Haiti

The Handmaiden – a Christian women’s newsletter, with each issue based on a theme and including scripture study, poetry, and writings

The Healing Rooms – an on-line forum for healing Christians who have been abused in any kind of relationship

The Holy Ghost Calling – this site publishes prophetic words poured through the lips of a humble Catapillar mechanic

The Holy Spirit – about the deity, nature, and work of the Holy Spirit and His relationship with the Father and the Son

The House Group – the Internet companion to a real-life House Group Fellowship, based in Northern Ireland, which includes Bible studies, sermons, prayer request opportunities, and more

The Institute For Creation Research – a private, not-for-profit corporation for the purposes of research, writing, and education in the framework of scientific creationism and Biblical authority in all disciplines

The Jesus Film Project – seeking to give everyone in the world one chance to hear the gospel in their own language through the Jesus film, a movie with the script taken straight from the Gospel of Luke

The Jesus Hotline – a plethora of information for those seeking the truth, and for those who already believe and are looking for resources to aid in spiritual growth

The Jesus Rock – to encourage, challenge, and edify the church, as well as to provide a wide variety of Christian links, graphics, and music

The Jesus Tell Me Website – learn what it means to believe in Jesus before it is too late

†The Jewish Roman World of Jesus – by James D Tabor, Professor in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina, USA, sections include ‘Hellenistic/Roman Religion & Philosophy’, ‘Archaeology and the Dead Sea Scrolls’, ‘Christian Origins and the New Testament’ and ‘Ancient Judaism’

The Joy of the Lord – a personal Web page of Christian evangelism, to share the love of Christ

The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength – an on-line audio sermon in MP3 format from Australia's larrikin preacher, Rev Col Stringer (aka "Pastor Crocodile Dundee"), who talks about your strength being in the joy of the Lord (Nehemiah 8:10)

The Kathryn Kuhlman Foundation – official Website of former television personality, Kathryn Kuhlman, including a tribute to her memory

The Keyhole To Reality – teen oriented, advice, chat, games & more (site requires Internet Explorer)

The King James Bible Page – a comprehensive defense of the King James Bible (often called the KJV or the Authorised Version) as “God’s perfect word in the English language without admixture of error”

The King James Only Resource Center – dedicated to the defense of the Bible as originally written, against the flood of falsehood propagated by King James Onlyism (this is the belief that only the King James Version is “the Word of God in English”)

The King’s Court – offering free Christian music for your church worship service and you can download “Christ, Our Savior” songbook (45 new Christian songs) for free, lead sheet music with midi, piano trax and free MP3

The KJV-only Issue – a look at the arguments surrounding the claim that the KJV is the ‘only’ real Bible for Christians

The Land Of Miracles – the miracle healing of Hal Weeks, an IBM retireee from California, USA, who was first diagnosed with cancer in 1971 and has since received a number of miraculous healings

The Latter Rain Page – an end-time ministry, with over 500 topics including church and Bible history

The Legal and Medical Aspects of the Trial and Death of Christ – by Robert Bucklin, M.D., J.D., Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, and reprinted from ‘Medicine, Science and the Law’, January, 1970

The Life Giver! – a Gospel musical celebrating the life, love and power of Jesus to change lives (resources to perform this musical are available too)

The Light Amp – from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, building up the generations in Christ and establishing revival infrastructures for the kingdom of God

The ‘LIGHT’ House – a collection of stories offering encouragement, some teaching, and resources, all with a Christian basis

The Lord Loves You – a Christian portal with Bible guides, Christian meditations, devotional for today, Bible verse of today, Christian books, health & family, Bible study guides, Christian audio books, and Christian videos

The Lost Seed Ministry – a changing generation for today’s troubled youth

The Love of Christ Ministries – from South Africa, an organisation that finds families for newborn abandoned babies

The Lutheran Church of Saint Mark – from Glastonbury, Connecticut, USA, a church that is serving the community of Glastonbury and its neighbors since 1885

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