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Ma and Pa Hunters Bible Study – bringing people closer to God

Macedonian Bible – online bible on Macedonia, Bulgarian, Serbian, Russian and English, as well Christian materials for studying the Bible (site in Macedonian)

Madogo Mission – reporting the mission activity of the Madogo Catholic Mission in the Garissa Diocese in Kenya, Africa

Magnificent Vistas – the spiritual and inspirational poetry of Helen Arnold

Makarios Ministries – ministering to hurting people of all denominations and helping them excel in Biblical knowledge, and the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ

Malachi/One – Malachi’s music brings new light to the word of God like no other; it goes beyond music and becomes art (site requires Internet Explorer)

^MaL]{av|an^’s Christian Homepage – to glorify God and the saviour Jesus Christ

Manifest Today – from Greeneville, Tenessee, USA, a place of worship and inspiration in the power of Pentecost

Managing God’s Money – free Christian financial advice and help; a Christian mission of author and Christian financial expert, Michel Bell

Manna From On High – a portal for the most recent lessons and prophecies the Lord has given through the prophetic gift

Maranatha Literature Mission – its mission is to evangelize unreached Indians numbering over one billion through personal and literature evangelism

Marilyn Hickey Ministries – “covering the Earth with the Word”, excellent website with a lot of information about Marilyn’s ministry; get her free magazine, ‘Outpouring’

Maritime Discipleship – a Christian ministry using boats and sail-training in the development of team building & leadership skills with opportunities to serve in the island nations of the world

Mark Grove, worship singer/songwriter – from Cornwall, UK, Mark writes easy listening worship songs

Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage – an in-depth look at what the Church has taught and the Bible says about marriage, divorce and remarriage

Martin Ministries – promotes faith filled confession of God’s word, bringing God’s will to pass on earth as it is in heaven

Master’s Touch Ministries International – ambassadors of the Father releasing His touch

Master’s Work – nice Christian homepage from Steven Young with Bible quizzes, trivia questions, etc

Master’s Touch Worldwide Missions – website of evangelist Richard A Van Cleve, Overgaard, Arizona, USA; touching the community, reaching the world

Master Weaver Ministries – from Arlington, Texas, USA, a traveling revivalist ministry moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit to bring salvation and wholeness in the mighty name of Jesus

Maverick MInistries – from Terrell, Texas, USA, the sermons, poetry and books by Dr Ronald Shultz

McLean Ministries – to seek a more intimate relationship with the Almighty God by considering the writings of all the major religions professing faith in the One True God; Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Gnosis

Medeba Adventure Learning Centre – a non-profit Christian organization that specializes in using adventure as a ministry tool, offering summer camp, Church and school programs and a 10-month leadership development program

Medical Aspects of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ – compiled by David Terasaka, MD, “In the last few hours of Jesus’ life what did He endure, and what shame did He suffer?”

Meeting With Christ – systematic exposition on the words of the Lord Jesus in the synoptic gospels; 30-minute lessons (MP3) with printable transcripts (PDF)

Mens Accountability – an on-line men’s accountability group

Men’s Bible Study – meets Wednesday mornings in Morristown, New Jersey, USA, a mixed group of men (all ages, all races, white collar, blue collar, new Christians, unbelievers, questioners) for coffee, donuts, discussion, and a down-to-earth Bible study

Mentor Baptist Church – from Mentor, Ohio, USA, a place to learn about God and to build authentic friendships

Mentor Network – from Texas, USA, founded by Lynn Anderson, its purpose is to coach, mentor and equip Christian leaders

MercyMe – home of MercyMe, a great praise & worship, rock/alternative band from the USA

Messiah Lutheran Church – from Germantown, Maryland, USA, a congregation of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod – Christian sermons regarding the Bible, Theology, God, and Jesus Christ, with the goal of revealing theology from the Bible

Messianic Believer – a page about Messianic Hope; to discover the Jewish roots mention in the scriptures both Old & New Covenant, learning the manner of Messianic worship, Torah Studies, focus on Messianic Jewish teaching,maintaining unity and harmony among brethren

Messianic Jewish Alliance of America – claimed to be the largest association of Messianic Jewish believers in Yeshua (Jesus) in the world

Messianic Literary Corner – an independent Messianic Jewish (Hebrew Christian) ministry that is not ashamed of the gospel, offering grace oriented doctrine, prophecy studies, and more

Messianic Literary Corner – offering Grace oriented Messianic Jewish (Hebrew Christian) teaching, poetry, books, music, and more

Metalvikings War Hammer – Christian homepage with an emphasis on Christian heavy metal music; lots of graphics

Metro Life Church, Orlando, Florida – an excellent church site

Michael Franzese Ministries – former Mob Captain, Michael Franzese, has publicly renounced his membership in the Colombo Crime Family and has accepted a position in the glorious family of Jesus Christ, its founder and Lord

Michael the Archangel web page – Michael the Archangel and his role in End Times Bible Prophecy

Mid-Ohio District United Methodist Church – from Mansfield, Ohio, USA, the administrative offices of the East Ohio Conference of The United Methodist Church

Midwest Augustinians – a Roman Catholic religious community of men in central United States

Mighty Eagle Ministry – a call to “arms” to encourage those who believe they are called to the “end times” battle

Mighty Fortress Evangelical Lutheran Church – from Seward, Nebraska, USA, a confessional congregation of Lutheran Christians, affiliated with the AFLC

Mighty Men of Faith – based in Palo Alto, California, USA, a quartet offering beautiful melodic gospel music described as a "silky-soulful-spiritfilled-slammin' sound" influenced by the Temptations, Whispers, and Canton Spirituals

Mike Deasy, Guitarman – Mike used to play guitar for the King of Rock ’n Roll, Elvis, but today he plays for the King of Kings, Jesus; read his story today

Mike Fuller – from Banbury, Oxfordshire, UK, a Christian speaker and teacher

Minister Marie DePree – from Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA, dedicated to touching the lives of hurting women with the true love of Jesus Christ

Ministry Of The Word – something for everyone; devotionals, articles, teaching, testimonies, hymns, etc etc

Ministry Tools Resource Center – teachers, leaders, and others in church ministry find training on spiritual gifts, body life, classroom discipline and more, curriculum, ministry profiles, and recommended books

Mision Vida para las Naciones – Iglesia Mision Vida para las Naciones de Uruguay

Missionaries Of Prayer – an online prayer ministry committed to praying for others

Missionaries to Thailand – Elmer & Corrine Sahlberg were CMA missionaries to Thailand for 35 years; site includes videos, photos and testimonials of their experiences

Missionary Experience – the experiences of Father Jaroslaw Wisniewski, a Polish missionary priest who spend 13 years in post-Soviet Russia and Ukraine (site is presented in English, Russian, Polish, Spanish & German languages)

Mission Finder – find the mission opportunity you are looking for

Mission, not Maintenance – an on-line audio sermon (MP3 format) by Pastor Shane Oldfield which looks at the dreaded “E” word, Evangelism, and how Christians are afraid to carry The Great Commission forward to their friends and neighbors

Mission to America – helping Christians to understand and live the Christian lifestyle as a result of their love of God

Mission Trip Locator – a mission trip database/directory for long and short term missions (organizations may list sites free of charge)

MJMI Yeshua – homepage of The Messianic Jewish Movement International, helping educate believers in Yeshua on how to evangelize Jewish people worldwide

MJR Ministries – from Houston, Texas, USA, assisting women in transition, specially women who have lost their jobs and as a result have lost their homes, their cars, their savings, their health and/or their families

Mom's Bible Journal – a personal journal of verse-by-verse Bible studies, topical studies, and original poetry

Monocacy Valley Church – in Frederick, Maryland, USA, where real people can find how God fits into our real lives

Monterey Wesleyan Church – from Monterey, Tennessee, USA, where all are welcome

Monumental Baptist Church – from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, an historic, progressive Spirit-lead congregation

Moore’s Chapel United Methodist Church – from Elkton, Maryland, USA, a youthful Body of believers seeking to serve the Lord and spread His gospel

Moriah School of Ministry – non-denominational school offering ministry/leadership development to diploma level via Internet or correspondence with a free foundation course (site requires Internet Explorer)

Morrison Academy – from Taiwan, Republic of China (ROC), a missionary school with three campuses; Kaohsiung and Taipei serve students through the 9th grade, and the Taichung Campus serves students seeking a higher education

Mountain Meadows Christian Center – from Mineville, New York, USA, a Bible church with a large evangelistic outreach to public safety officers, truckers, motorcyclists and a cowboy ministry in northern New York

Mountain Vista Baptist Church – from Sierra Vista, Arizona, USA, an old-fashioned, fundamental, independent, soul-winning, local Baptist church

MPN Bible Study & Commentary – a resource for topical Bible study material and Bible commentary

Mt. Hope Baptist Church – from Mannboro, Virginia, USA, where the doors are open wide to everyone

Mt Lebanon Baptist Encampment – an informational site about Mt Lebanon Baptist Encampment near Dallas, Texas, USA

Museltof Countercult and Apologetics – Bible questions answered by evangelical minister holding honours theology degree, with an outreach to cults

Music In It! – the original artist music website of NanoSecond, plus other independent artists listed, site includes a full CD in streaming MP3

Muzz’s Home – family-friendly site filled with love for God and family

My Bible Base – allows you to create and share Bible Studies online, plus download the studies and MP3 files – a Catholic web portal featuring Catholic, Christian, and pro-life news, as well as daily Mass readings, reflections, news, links, tools, and more

my Christian daily – delivers news, articles and commentaries relevant to Christians of all denominations across Australia and New Zealand

My Father’s House – dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ

My Holy Bible – read the Holy Bible online, and post/view commentaries on each verse

My life, death and LIFE in Australia – Dave Simpson’s incredible story about a motorcycle accident which killed his girlfriend and left him a quadraplegic, about his recovery, marriage children and acceptance of Jesus

My Ministry – sharing the gospel of Christ with the lost worldwide

My Ramblings – a family-based Website containing Christian helps, and links to other Christian sites

Mystic Sea – a nice graphical site which features, amongst other things, some great Christian poetry

“My Utmost For His Highest” – daily readings from Oswald Chambers’ famous book

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