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I Am A Cynic; Therefore I Am A Christian – from ACL’s editor, Graham Pockett, a look at Christian apologetics, a reasoned defence of Christianity (suitable for both Christians and non-Christians) – a Christian search engine that is loaded with lots of Christian links

Ichthys: Bible Study and Doctrinal Resource Center – an archive of in-depth Bible studies based on the original Greek and Hebrew scriptures and designed to contribute to the spiritual growth of individual Christians for the purpose of the edification of the Church of our Lord, Jesus Christ

Id por todo el mundo – el sitio para informarte sobre las misiones mundiales (in Spanish, a site about world missions) – a guide to assist Christians with both Christianity and the Internet through articles, sermons, message board, search, chat, etc

I Lift My Eyes Ministries – focusing on prayer, intercession and inspiring Christian thoughts

Imagebank – a fully searchable bank of images, photographs and pictures for use in contemporary and alt. worship, youth events, etc (note: requires free registration to download images)

Immaculate Conception, The – the perfection reflection of the Eternal-father in creation is The Immaculate Conception and therefore is of supreme importance to the era of world peace (Catholic site)

Immanuel Baptist Ministries of India – a pioneer mission in South India welcoming like minded people from America and other nations for partaking in this challenging task of winning India for Christ

I.M.P.A.C.T. – (International Ministries Prophetic Apostolic Churches) from the Island Of Mauritius, a ministry to let Jesus be glorified

Incontrare Gesù – small Pentecostal church in Palermo, Sicily, Italy (in Italian only)

Independent Baptist Church Locator – a database of independent Baptist churches created to assist US Military personnel

Indian Creek Christian Church – church Website in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

India Village Ministries (IVM) – a Christian charity (registered in Scotland) set up to share the Gospel with India’s millions and to reach the children with the love of Jesus

In His Presence – teachings about worship, the names of God, worship crafts to make to use in worship, and more

In His Service (Equipping the Saints of God) – humor, stories, prayer forum, men’s & women’s ministry, commentary, Bible study, and then some

In His Steps Ministries – inspirational stories, Spiritual nuggets, clean jokes, Spiritual seekers section, prayer book, sermons, Bible studies, and Christian links, committed to sharing the gospel over the Internet and helping Christians walk ‘In His Steps’

In Memory of Lisa Elaine Mewbourne – a Christian memorial site that provides comfort and hope to grieving parents of suicides, and seeks to bring them to Jesus or restore their faith, and to assure that their child “lives”

In Plain Sight – a collection of articles (from the challenging to the hysterically funny) that will make you to think

Inspirational Christian Stories, Poems & Thoughts – hundreds of items, in over 50 categories, to encourage your (Christian) reading palate

Intercede International – assist and/or learn about indigenous missions and use the prayerguide to pray for needs around the world

Intercessors UK – encouraging born-again Christians from all denominations to intercede for the UK, using a special prayer shield strategy

International Evangelic Church of Rapallo (Chiesa Cristiana Evangelica) – from Rapallo, Italy (near Genoa), an international, Italian & English speaking, ecumenical church which is affiliated to the Baptist Union in Italy

International Prayer Chain – anointed prayer chain with almost 1000 members

Internet Bible College – this College now offers its accredited studies from certificate to doctorate level in Biblical Studies through the Internet (a part of Vision Colleges with over 600 campuses in 85 countries)

Internet Bible Study – an interactive Bible study course entitled “Are You Sure Of Your Eternal Salvation?” consisting of 25 lessons

Internet Church For Christ – a non-denominational virtual church with a focus on caring, transforming lives, healing hearts, and soul-winning

In the beginning was the Word – a downloadable (35.9MB) software study Bible for Windows with KJV, Darby, WEB & Greek New Testament translations (site in Greek and English)

Intimate with the Lord – an extensive devotional on the Song of Solomon, with study notes, testimonials and downloads

Into The Deep – articles of hope and love

Into Thy Word Ministries – teaching how to study the Bible in a simple, clear, and concise way, providing seminars, missionary and pastoral training, speaking, church consulting, discipleship tools and resources for Christian growth

In Touch Mission International – an evangelical Christian mission serving the persecuted church and bringing the gospel and relief to precious souls in restricted access countries

InTouch Prison Ministry – doing network aftercare for men and women geting out of prison in Texas, USA, by trying to find ex-offenders help on the outside

Iowa Holiness Association – promoting the tenets of the Wesleyan-Arminian theological tradition since 1879

I Pray Prayer Foundation – the Prayer of Salvation, the most important prayer anyone can say

Iron and Clay – from Sydney, Australia, a group of young musicians who minister in song and music to schools and other venues

Isaiah 54 Ministries – a ministry of reconciliation, through the Christian disciplines of worship, inner healing and Spiritual warfare – a complete online Bible study tool

Is it a miracle? Am I saved from MS? – the personal testimony of MS (Multiple Sclerosis) sufferer Worden B Raub Jr who accepted the Lord and almost immediately his MS symptoms started to abate

Islam Review – a factual review of the religion of Islam from a Christian prospective

Issachar Ministry – from Western Australia, a Christian prophetic teaching ministry concerned with presenting of Apostolic truths and End Time insight

Issues That Matter – covers issues that matter, such at abortion, creation, homosexuality, missions, trinity and world religions

Is There a Right To Divorce? – looking at foundational Christian teachings regarding the right to divorce

Is Your Modern Translation Corrupt? – answering the allegations of KJV-only advocates, by James R White

It Is Written Ministry – from Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA, a growing church with a strong, prophetic anointing

I Will Glory in the Cross – returning the church to the cross of Christ; featuring devotions, Bible studies, revival sermons, and articles to encourage and strengthen faith

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