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Facing the Challenge of Our Times – training Christians to understand postmodern culture and respond in an effective, Bible-based way

farleygospel – from Woodland, Maine, USA, the ministry of Caroll & Brenda Rose Farley

Faith Action for Community Transformation (FACT) – from Andhra Pradesh, India, a group of believers, committed and dedicated to preaching the Word of God, who have been helping the poor and downtrodden people of this part of southern India

Faith Alive Community Church – from Wind Gap, Pennsylvania, USA, a full Gospel, Bible-believing church whose mission is to worship God, evangelize the world, and make disciples

Faith Bible Church – from Pataskala, Ohio, USA, an independent, Christian, evangelical local church holding to historical reformed theology

Faith Christian Center Fellowship – Word of Faith church in Kernersville, North Carolina, USA, whose mission is to provide a place and create an atmosphere for people to come and experience God

Faith Cycle Ministries – helping Christians with their next step in faith

Faith Home – amazing Bible facts, humor, poetry, informational topics, testimonies of faith, and more

Faith, Hope, Love Bible Study – a free online Bible study and resource created to assist a believer in delevoping a deeper relationship with Christ

Faith Life Ministries – teaching the uncompromised Word of God with a main focus in Mexico, Central, and South America; includes a Spanish page

Faith Ministries Center Church – from Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, a multicultural church that believes the gospel message will draw every type of person

Faithmouse – Christian cartoons, also, portraits and photographs by the author

Faith Pleases God Church – from Harlingen, Texas, USA, a ministry reaching all of North America, Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Venezuela and the Carribean with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Faith & Reason Ministries – Reconciling Christianity with views of traditional science, accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior, an ancient earth, and evolution; includes online book plus articles and related links (ACL does not support the views of this site. Editor)

Faith Temple Assembly Church – from Bossier City, Louisiana, USA, “the friendliest church in town”

Family Worship Center – from Paso Robles, California, USA, a Christ-centered, Bible-believing church on the central California coast

Father’s Love Letter – paraphrased scriptures from the bible that will help you find the love that you have been looking for all your life

F.C.W.P. E-Ministry – an online intercessory prayer request ministry (from the First Church of Worship and Praise in Pontiac, Michigan, USA)

FEBC Thailand – Far East Broadcasting, a radio outreach in Thailand

Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers, Canada (FCPO) – providing support and accountability to Christian officers in various law enforcement agencies throughout Canada

Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers, USA (FCPO) – providing support and accountability to Christian officers in various law enforcement agencies throughout the USA & Jamacia

Festivals of Male Voice Praise (FMVP) – an affiliation of over 60 gospel male voice choirs from the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, with the sole aim of presenting Jesus Christ as the only Saviour of mankind

Filipino America Church of Irvine – from Tustin, California, USA; “building healthy families, one person at a time”

Fill the Void Ministries – the unfruitful works of darkness exposed, the truth about the entertainment media, Bible versions, the New Age, UFOs, evolution, & more – a resource for the few who are willing to look for more than what appears on the surface, and created as a bridge for those who have become prejudiced against Christianity

Finest of the Wheat Teaching Fellowship – the mature, thoughtful Bible-teaching ministries of Jim Kerwin and Pastor Percy Gutteridge, and other Christian teachers of like mind and heart

Firepower Ministries International – a ministry of Sydney Christian Life Centre, Australia, with Evangelist Jeff Beacham, this site has links to Jeff’s teaching tapes, articles, etc

First Assembly of God Marengo – from Marengo, Illinois, USA, whose vision is becoming Christ-like, rock solid, and serving God

First Baptist Church of Baldwin – from Baldwin, Florida, USA, whose goal is to share Jesus Christ with people in the Baldwin community, and surrounding Jacksonville and Macclenny area; affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention

First Baptist Church of Bayou George – from Panama City, Florida, USA, a Southern Baptist church devoted to Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Bible

First Baptist Church of LaGrange – information about the activities and ministries this American Baptist church located in La Grange, Illinois, USA

First Baptist Church of West Columbia – a traditional Southern Baptist church located in the Columbia, South Carolina (USA) metropolitan area

First Baptist Church Shady Spring – from Shady Spring, West Virginia, USA, a church that enters into covenant with one another as one body of Christ

First Congregational Church of Park Ridge – from Park Ridge, New Jersey, USA, determined to seek God in a warm, open-minded atmosphere, using diverse talents & abilities, accepting differences, sharing strengths

First Jesus – intercessory prayer Website

First Plumb-line Church – contains inspirational testimonies, Bible based teaching, and more

First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica – from Jamaica, New York, USA, its mission is based upon the Bible, which provides a center and foundation for sharing and proclaiming the Good News of God’s love in Jesus Christ

First United Methodist Church – from Isle of Palms, South Carolina, USA, with information about the church, its programs, and activities

Fishers of Men Ministries – leading others into a personal relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ

Five Fold Ministry Ireland – from Dublin, Ireland, witnessing the power of the miracle-working Lord, Jesus Christ

Flora Calvary Baptist Church – from Flora, Illinois, USA, an independent Fundamental Baptist church

FLYing with Jesus – a group for any Christian who uses the FLYLady system

Focus On The Family – dedicated to supporting the family; site includes details of the daily radio broadcast (heard around the world and featured on the site via RealAudio) and publishes articles about family life

Focused and Free – an on-line community of people who enjoy learning from one another, encouraging each other, and striving to live in obedience to Christ’s teachings in these last days

Footprints for Women – information, inspiration and encouragement for Australian Christian women; includes a quarterly newsletter and an email chat group

For His Glory – to bring others into the knowledge of Jesus Christ

For Such A Time As This Women’s Ministries – from Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA, a Spirit-filled, non-denominational ministry made up of women who, like Esther, are ready to walk in obedience to God

For the Glory of God – Evelyn Fannell, lifting up and glorify the name of the Lord

For This Time Ministries – spreading the gospel to “whosoever will” accept Jesus as Lord

Frank’s Devotional Site – a personal site of Bible devotionals

Free Audio Tape Ministry – free Bible study audio tapes and Heart to Heart commentaries for the edification and discipleship of God’s Church

Free Bible Coloring Pages – free Bible coloring pages for VBS, sunday school, home school, etc and help get a fresh hand-colored Bible verse on every refrigerator in the world once each week

Free Christian – a site for Christian webmasters with 100s of pages of free content and tools to choose from

Free Christian Screen Savers – spreading the Word through images

Free Christian Software – a small listing of free Christian software, Bibles, Scripture memory software, etc

Free Christian Wallpaper – change the wallpaper on your computer weekly with these awesome religious images

Freedom International Ministries – from Bossier City, Louisiana, USA, a place to get answers for many major questions in life about Salvation, healing, and just general living in victory

Freedom Life Centre – a ministry of Rangeville Community Church, Queensland, Australia

Freedom Worldwide Covenant Ministries – a worldwide holistic ministry designed to meet the needs of all people and help them to attain a better quality of life

Free Live Sermons – live Sermons from New Millennium Church (Alpharetta, Georgia, USA) where Jesus is Lord and the Holy Spirit moves greatly (requires RealPlayer to hear sermons)

Free MP3 Downloads – free MP3 music downloads from record albums of Rafael Brom, Cosmotone Records

Free To Live Ministries – from Oakington, Cambridge, UK, pastored by Liesl Alexander who has a evangelistic/healing/deliverance ministry

Fresh Anointing Revival Ministries Inc – from Warri, Delta State, Nigeria, an African indigenoius cross-cultural missionary organization

†Friedens Lutheran Church – from Brenville, Pennsylvania, USA, "a friendly church"

Friends of God – from Bloomington, Minnesota, USA, a Evangelical Episcopal fellowship of missions open to the Holy Spirit; a Celtic Order open to all Christians

Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry – a worldwide Christian ministry dedicated to the support of Israel, the Jewish people, and the message of the Messiah

Friends Orphanage School – from Uganda, East Africa, a Christian non-profit church mission to save the lives of 76 orphaned children whose parents died of AIDs

FUEL Youth Ministry – from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, helping teenagers find a deeper relationship with Jesus through articles, forums, chat, and local events

Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy in Today’s News – an explanation of end-time Bible prophecies, with supporting Scriptures, and correlated with current news reports

Full Gospel Bible Teaching Fellowship, Inc – from Port Richey, Florida, USA, presenting the Word of God in a context applicable to every day living

Full Gospel Prayer Fellowship (Tamil) – from Kuwait, church activities include prayer cells (in Salmiya & Abbassiya), gospel services, and more.

Full Gospel Restoration Ministers and Churches – from Nash, Texas, USA, including a Bible college offering many home-based learning programs plus full ordination into the Ministry

Fusion 101 – a free on-line Christian dating service that puts you in contact with like-minded single women & men

Fusion Fellowship – from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, a fusing of three churches, CD Community Church, Living Springs New Testament Church and West End Vineyard Christian Fellowship

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  • Bashing The Bible – misusing & abusing Scripture
  • Two Billion Doctrines – the strange religion called Christianity
  • Does God Ever Change His Mind? – Calvin would turn in his grave!
  • New Wine In An Old Skin – the problem of legalism in the church today
  • Are You Hard Boiled, Or Soft & Runny? – doctrines are like an egg shell
  • The Bible is an "iffy" book – a look at the conditional promises of God
  • Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up? – what did Jesus really look like?
  • The Truth Will Set You Free! – the Holy Tarantula???
  • Growing the Seed of Faith – so it doesn't wither and die
  • We Don't See The Clean, Just The Dirt – judgement and forgiveness
  • Why I Quote The NIV Bible – is it an heretical Bible?
  • "Omissions" from the NIV Bible – a look at 17 missing verses
  • Do You Believe In Miracles? – you do when they happen to you!
  • “Why Didn’t God Answer My Prayer For A Miracle?” – my response
  • Christian Concepts – the cavern of life  (an analogy)
  • Christian Concepts – the three crosses  (an analogy)
  • Christian Concepts – we are what we eat
  • Christian Concepts – when are we saved?  (an analogy)
  • Christian Concepts – when we are saved, part 1  ...part 2

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