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B.A.C.H. (Body Anatomy & Church Health) Development – equipping healthier clergy and churches through integrating Biblical teaching about the church and the subsystems of human anatomy

Back to the Bible Christian Ministry – an International Web Ministry giving practical counsel for applying God’s Word to daily Christianity through the media

Back to the Word – an online teaching ministry, confronting pop theology with Biblical truth, and providing relevant articles (updated regularly) by Pastor Eddie Hughes – the ‘cyberhome’ of Keppel Coast Christian Fellowship, Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia, a church exploring ways to connect to God, to ourselves, and to our world

Balm of Gilead Ministries – sharing testimony, healing and deliverance with anyone who needs help

Bambous Assembly Of God – from Bambous, Mauritius, a spirit filled church with a desire that you experience the power of the Holy Spirit so that you will be challenged to seek the face of God for healing and deliverance

Banah Ministries – establishing, equipping and encouraging the saints of God, for life and ministry, with the clear message of the Gospel

Bangor Liberty Friends Church – from Union, Iowa, USA, a lovely Quaker website full of great things to see

Baptist Observer – the Baptist Observer provides news, insight and many more resources for Baptist churches,organizations and individuals

Baptist Top 1000 – claimed to be “the ultimate Baptist directory”

Barrenshe Church of God – from Freeburn, Kentucky, USA, magnifying the Lord by worship, service, ministry, evangelism, baptism (water and in the Holy Ghost), and obedience

Bashing The Bible – looking at the misuse of the Bible by Christians and non-Christians alike; by ACL’s Graham Pockett

Basic Christian – a Christian forum for discussion, information, resources and links

Basic English Bible Online – the Basic English Bible, formatted with one chapter per page including a search tool (each chapter page links to that chapter in 24 additional versions)

Battle Focused Ministries – teaching Christians how to fight as teams (through the local church) in order to destroy the works of the devil and to show this evil world the great salvation God, our Father, gave us through His Son, Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ

Bay Valley Christian Church – from Bay City, Michigan, USA, demonstrating the love of Jesus through effective leadership and multiplying the kingdom of God

Beams of Hope – designed to encourage others with uplifting poetry and inspirational stories

Behind the Badge Of A Deputy Sheriff – from Ralph Dettwiler, Michigan, USA; read his testimony and you’ll understand the site name; a good site

Believer’s wear – a blog that helps find clothes that have a Christian message, like T-shirts, sweatshirts, etc

Benny Hinn Media Ministries – find out all you want about this World-wide ministry

Be Not Ashamed of The Gospel – homepage of The Full Gospel Church of the Living God in Warrensville, North Carolina, USA, contains a very important message to all preachers

Bethany Baptist Church – from Avon Park, Florida, USA, a “Christ-centered, Biblically-balanced, family-focused” church

Bethel At Westwood Ministries – from Ashland, Kentucky, USA, “Where everyone is somebody and Jesus is Lord”

Bethel SDA Church – from Riviera Beach, Florida, USA, a faith community rooted in the beliefs described by the Holy Scriptures (site in French and English)

Bethesda Bible Institute – from Beaver Dam, Kentucky, USA, a long distance Bible college

Bethestha Prayer Hall – from Vijayawada, Andra Pradesh, India, helping spread the Word throughout India

Bethlehem Institute of Education – from Tauranga, New Zealand, the first Christian teachers college to be established in the Bay of Plenty region offering a degree in early childhood and primary teaching and a Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Secondary)

Bibbia italiana – read and search the five Italian translations of the Bible online, use the Bible dictionary and Greek-Italian dictionary, or download a free program (site in Italian only)

Bible Archaeology Search & Exploration (BASE) Institute – dedicated to the quest for archaeological evidence to help validate to the world that the Bible is true, and that it represents an accurate, non-fictional account of God’s will to bring the people of this world back into relationship with Him

Bible Baptist Church and Academy – independent, fundamental KJV Bible believing ministry in Dayton, Ohio, USA, committed to serve and glorify Jesus Christ

Bible Believer’s Fellowship – US nationwide prison ministry (check the testimonies!)

Bible Bell Chronicles – crystal clear Bible answers for your deepest needs; newsletter; prayer page; clean humor; opinion polls; fun quizzes; links; updated weekly – a unique online Bible with a titled page for each of the Bible’s 31102 verses, with each page containing text from several public domain versions, with links to major copyrighted versions

Bible Church of Stuttgart – from Sindelfingen Baden-Württemberg, Germany (just south of Stuttgart) a friendly, English-speaking church, based on the Word of God – Bible codes that are 200 words long in the Hebrew have been found and the Bible numbers also harmonize; encoded pictures include the menorah, creation, mene-tekel, Jerusalem, burning bush, 666, Jesus upon the cross, Daniel’s writing on wall, and Mount Sinai ablaze

Bible Commentaries in simple English – evangelical, theologically checked verse-by-verse commentaries in simple English (EasyEnglish) on many books of the Bible; from Wycliffe Associates, UK

BibleDatabase – full featured FREE Bible software with more than 50 Bibles in over 30 languages to choose from – approximately 3,000 pages of Bible answers, commentaries, doctrine, news, prophecy, statistics, studies, sermons, tracts, cult info, spiritual warfare, etc – to “take the Bible off the shelf and put it into your head and heart”

Bible Exposition – contains Biblical exposition and essays on many topics, particularly covering Daniel and Revelation

Bible Fellowship Church Home Page – from Fairmont, West Virginia, USA, a local church site with links

BibleFood Devotional – a non-denominational devotional on-line (and sent out free by e-mail weekly to over 2700 members) to help Christians in their daily walk with Jesus Christian Web Directory – a collection of Christian related links

Bible Headquarters – a comprehensive Bible site covering most areas with many thought provoking pages, cults, studies, apologetics, and much more – a guide to developing a Christian life that not only is stable in the times of storm, but is refreshing and beautiful – features brief Bible topics, in-depth Bible studies, and the ability to interact with a Bible specialist by asking Bible related questions (a public service of the Seventh-day Adventist church) – a free online Bible study resource for anyone who is interested in reading and researching scripture on the Internet

Bible Numbers – Bible numbers and Bible chronology, exalting the Lord Jesus Christ

Bible Numerics – a study in Bible numerics, including mathematical evidence for the inspiration of the Scripture, and an investigation of the 70 weeks of Daniel

Bible Notes – the entire Bible summarized with easy-to-read review notes and keypoints, useful for everyone and a resource for Bible study; excellent

Bible Outlines – free 730 page devotional commentary on the Psalms in Adobe PDF format; view online or download

Bible Place – wealth of how-to information on reading and studying the Bible, including lessons, sermons, study booklets, poems, music, software, online chat and more...

Bible Probe – finding Bible secrets, and covering subjects like Bible codes, angels and miracles, near death experiences (NDE), and more

Bible Prophecy Revealed – contains an interpretation of Bible prophecy and other interesting articles to read

Bible Quotes – giving the truth to people through Christian Bible quotes

Bible Scripture Truths – good teaching site (basic) with links to the on-line Bible, free software, Christian chatroom, etc; certainly worth a look

Bible Seeker – free KJV Bible reader software (for Windows 95 or later) integrated with Easton’s Bible Dictionary, Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary, and Notes from the KJV Translators (read the independent review of this free software from Completely FREE Software)

Bibles for the World – a free resource to read and study the Bible online; features over 30 Bible translations, an online Bible study tool, and Bible search tools

Bible Student – free topical Bible studies, free video and audio Bible college courses

Bible Studies Net – free Bible studies on many book & topics including Revelation, 10 Commandments, Jude, Haggai, Mark, 1 Corinthians, Genesis, Great White Throne Judgment, and the Bema

Bible Study on Jesus Christ – Bible study on the teachings of Jesus Christ and their interrelationships

Bible Teachers International – “full and comprehensive Christian community for renewal, restoration, reconciliation and deliverance”

Bible Teachings by Pastor Jim Feeney – Pentecostal Bible studies and sermon outlines; includes speaking in tongues, gifts of the Holy Spirit, divine healing, and apostles & prophets today

Bible Topics – thousands of Bible verses indexed by hundreds of subjects using The New Topical Textbook by R A Torrey, 1897

Bible Translations – “Why so Many Translations?” a clear and concise look at this perplexing subject, by Dr. Dale A. Robbins

Bible Truth Online – commentary and insight into various Bible topics (nb: some observations on this page may not be accepted by most Christian leaders. ACL Editor) – includes a free Bible prohecy course, audio Bible topics, “Grandma's Attic” (a special collection from classic Christian books), and more – making the Bible accessible for everyone, includes a blog and a full search of the Bible for the visually impaired – free Christian clipart – a review of Old and New Testament sites in the Galilee and Israel, with information, images and references – presenting a sevenfold symmetric perfection of the traditional 66-book Christian Canon as three wheels within a wheel of 22 spokes, integrated with the Hebrew alphabet

Bible Wisdom For Today – daily Bible readings, daily devotionals, and words of wisdom from God’s word – over 90 articles on Christian doctrines and practices from a Bible perspective (an Anabaptist-Mennonite site)

Biblical Church Bulletin Articles – a number of short Bible-based articles suitable for inclusion in church bulletins

Biblical Studies Ministries International, Inc – to assist believers to a fuller understanding of God's precious Word and also to encourage them to respond to His Word today

BigChurch (for Christian singles) – a community of people building their faith and interacting with others

Big Fat Toothbrush – for Christian students, made by (UK) Christian students, so visit if you want a laugh or if you want to learn more about God

Bikers 4 Christ – from Kingston, Queensland, Australia, a Christian motorcyclist fellowship expanding Australia

Bikers for Jesus – based in Alachua, Florida, USA, Christian biker inspiration and fellowship – “My one purpose in life is to help people find a personal relationship with God which, I believe, comes through knowing Jesus Christ” evangelist Billy Graham

Bismarck Seventh Day Adventist Church – from Bismarck, North North Dakota, USA, an invitation to study the Bible and end time prophecies of Daniel and Revelation online

Biltmore Church of God – from Asheville North Carolina, USA, a church that is Reaching Up to God in prayer and fasting, Reaching In through discipleship and fellowship, and Reaching Out through benevolence and evangelism

Blessed Hope Community Church – from Rochester, New York, USA, a Bible-believing, Christ-centered church, with founding and lead pastor, Linda A Wurzbacher

Blessings of Creation – a group for Christian ladies to fellowship and exchange suitable graphics and e-mail stationery

Blessings Page – includes sections titled ‘revival reports’, ‘strategic intercession’, ‘sparking revival’ and ‘worship’

Bloomsburg Community Church – from Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, USA, a community church making a difference in individual lives by pointing them to Jesus

Blue Grass Christian School – from Richmond, Kentucky, USA, a nondenominational school providing a Christian education for students Preschool (age 3 yrs) through 12th grade

Blue Letter Bible – search over 1,100,000 links from the Word of God (KJV) to over 85,000 pages of concordances, lexicons, dictionaries and commentaries; wow!

Bob Larson Ministries – Bob Larson is a foremost authority of cults and the occult

Book of Daniel Study Resources – information and links about the Book of Daniel, featuring Robert Dick Wilson’s Studies in the Book of Daniel online

Born Again Heathens Motorcycle Ministry – from Piedmont, Missouri, USA, reaching those whom society has forgotten

Branch Christian Ministries – part of the Dewsbury Gospel Church, UK, offering Branch Christian School, Branch FM, and more

Bread On The Waters (BOW) – a literature evangelism ministry (mainline Christianity doctrine) which purchases Bibles and Gospel literature for Christians living overseas who cannot afford to purchase them (as finances permit)

Breakfree Ministries – helping young Christians and helping to win the lost

Brian Jones : author, pastor, speaker – Senior Pastor of Christ’s Church of the Valley in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, USA

Brick Busters Ministries – dedicated to the promotion of unity within the Body, tearing down the enemy’s strongholds, and building up God’s people (site requires Internet Explorer)

Bride and Groom Communication (Marriage Preparation) – reading and a free discussion booklet to help engaged couples improve their relationship and communication skills

BrideDance – Morganne shares her love of God

Bride of Christ Ministries – a place of refuge, revelation and intimacy with the Father made available to all who desire to be ready as a “bride” for Jesus

Bro. Doug’s Revival Fire Teaching – history and life enriching lesson for people who have a desire to please God (site requires Internet Explorer)

Brothers in Christ – bringing together Christian men in friendship, and sharing God’s Plan of Salvation with a lost world

Brownsville Assembly of God – from Pensacola, Florida, USA, an AOG church in full revival

Builder of the Spirit Ministries – a ministry dedicated to world outreach and the proclamation of the "uplifted word"

Built Anew Ministries – a place for Christians to find study helps and fellowship, to enable and strengthen their relationship with the Father through Jesus Christ

Bulletin of Web Evangelism – a monthly email newsletter of ideas and developments in online outreach and Christian web page promotion (also available to read online)

Burn Road Bible Church – from Arlington, Washington, USA, an affiliate member of the Independent Fundamental Churches of America

By Faith Interactive – an interactive youth web site from the UK with over 20 interactive abilities, 40 music choices, 20+ games, and other Christian content

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