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What do I do with this man now that Iíve got him?
by Georgina Beaton

Delivered to the Mirror Image womenís conference during September 2004 at House of Praise Christian Fellowship, mother-of-four Georgina Beaton speaks from the heart when talking about marital relationships, and offers excellent advise to all newly married couples.

Even though the conference was designed for women, men too will find Georgina's practical advise and insight of value.

In her presentation, Georgina likens marriage to the scambling of two eggs – you cannot add vinegar to just one of the scrambled eggs so, if added, the whole mixture (the marriage) is soured. Alternatively, vanilla sweetens the whole mixture, not just one of the eggs.

Below is a 40-minute MP3 file that can be listened to on-line or downloaded for later listening. Enjoy Georginaís delightful Australian accent as you listen to her thought-provoking talk.

Georgina says:

When a couple marry it is not the end, but rather the beginning. Two lives come together and, just as a seed needs to die to produce life, so out of these lives is birthed “relationship”. At this stage the relationship is like a young plant that needs to be nurtured to ensure that it grows into a healthy plant. If we neglect the plant at any stage it will begin to shrivel up and die.

This talk uses a number of practical illustrations to effectively demonstrate how to grow and develop healthy relationships. It has been made as simple as possible so that even a young person would have no trouble understanding the principles involved.

We are taught very little about such an important subject. We wouldn’t dream of using a washing machine without some form of instruction booklet, but unfortunately when it comes to the subject of actually living in relationship with someone for a life time the information is very thin on the ground.

Many relationships become a battleground where we feel the need to win!!! Hopefully this may encourage you to see the effects of working together as opposed to turning our relationships into a war zone.

This talk may help you reflect, understand and put into place easy changes that will bring health and life to your ‘relationship’.

You can listen this 40-minute MP3 file georgina_beaton.mp3 (16.4MB) on-line or download it as a ZIP archive (16.2MB).

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